(Master) franchisenemers van M Room aan het woord

M Room, More than a Barber is in korte tijd, sinds de start in Finland in 2008 sterk gegroeid. De formule heeft nu wereldwijd meer dan 80 salons. 

M Room (master) franchisenemers uit Finland, Zweden en Duitsland informeren je graag over hun achtergrond, ambitie en motivatie om een samenwerking met M Room aan te gaan en/of waarom ze dit ‘merk’ hebben geïntroduceerd in hun thuisland.

Markku Kosonen, Finland

Markku Kosonen opened his first M Room in Helsinki in July 2010, he now has 30 different locations in Finland.

“I had been looking for business opportunities for several years until I met Petri and Toni. They told me about the concept one afternoon and I had made my decision to join that night. It just felt right and I have not regretted it for a second. I like this business because the demand is solid and it will never go away because hair keeps growing. I don’t know that much about hair and that’s why M Room is a great concept, I can focus on my strengths and get help from M Company on my weaknesses; it is nice that you are not there alone, you can always call your colleagues! The concept is proven. The demand is there and M Room is great disruptor inside an old market. I think the hunger is always there to do better so M Room will keep improving in the future!”

Robert and Carina Rydell, Zweden

Robert and Carina Rydell have owned a M Room in Stockholm, Sweden since February 2016. 

“M Company has really figured out what most guys like and the concept supports that in a good way. M Room has been well accepted and welcomed by customers in Sundbyberg Sweden. It is really pleasant to work with something that is so appreciated by customers."

Riina Kylätasku, Duitsland

Riina Kylätasku opened the first M Room in Berlin, Germany in December 2013, she now owns three Berlin locations.

“The opening process for every shop has been different. Since opening my first Berlin location, every time a shop has been opened the process has been more clear. I am proud that we have succeeded in getting good co-operation partners and companies have begun to contact us more and more. We have managed to build our brand bit by bit in Berlin and people have started to notice and talk about us. M Room cares about men’s grooming in a comprehensive fashion. We strive to teach men to take care of their looks even when they are not visiting us. We have the skills, concept and products for it. Barbers enjoy working for M Room and are proud to be a part of building M Room’s international brand. When barbers enjoy their time, customers enjoy and M Room gets success. We share valuable knowledge of men’s grooming and M Room in general, on the internet and on variety of social media channels on regular base. We develop our relations to co-operation partners and brand credibility and reliability through our networks.”

M Room has been a successful investment for all its Franchisees, all Franchisees have opened a second M Room in less than a year.

About M Room

M Room was founded in 2008, as a completely unique barbering franchise concept in the hair industry. It has been constructed around best practices gathered from around the world and over many decades of industry experience, then extensively tested section by section to present a concept that totally provides for modern man’s grooming needs.

As the largest barbering franchise chain in Europe the development of M Groom product lines was the next logical step and the natural evolution of this practice.
M Groom provides the perfect way in which M Room can both educate and illuminate its members in the timeless traditions of gentlemen’s grooming. You are not only a franchise owner of the best barbershop concept but also the best product line.


Herken jij jezelf in de ambitie van bovengenoemde ondernemers en zie jij kans om het ‘merk’ M Room te introduceren in de Nederlandse markt, vraag dan hier meer informatie aan over de mogelijkheid van Master Franchisenemer worden voor M Room in Nederland.