EPSN Workforce

Become an entrepreneur in recruitment with EPSN Workforce!

EPSN Workforce is a fast-growing international recruitment organization. EPSN offers people across Europe to be part of the network. We provide growth, is the promise and goal. With the usage of international licensees EPSN can deliver growth to jobseekers and companies. EPSN Workforce was founded in 2014, and nowadays EPSN is operating in more than 15 countries. EPSN is growing rapidly because we are taking a different approach. To bring back the personal touch in recruitment again!

EPSN keeps on growing and the number of countries they work in keeps increasing. EPSN works with help of:

  • International Career Consultants. Whom seek, find and guide talent who aspire to have a national or international career.
  • International Business Development Partners. Whom seek, find and guide employers who are keen on hiring national and international talent.
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